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Image of White Concrete Washout

Concrete Washouts

Concrete Washout

If you’re pouring concrete on your job site, you need a place to properly rinse and clean equipment in order to protect the environment from the toxic pollutants that come from washout water. CD Hall Waste Services provides environmentally-friendly concrete washouts that are EPA-compliant to keep both your work site and the environment as safe as possible. In addition to protecting your work site, CD Hall safely recycles these materials to prevent them from entering our landfills. When you’re dealing with environmentally harmful materials, CD Hall Waste Services makes it easy to meet EPA requirements while keeping your job site safe and clean.

Ideal For:

  • Construction sites that need to contain industrial concrete waste
  • Wherever concrete trucks or other concrete-coated equipment is being washed

What’s Included:

  • Delivery within 24 hours of your order
  • Ramp to allow better access

Container Dimensions:

  • 7-yard concrete washout — 12’ long x 7’ wide x 24” tall
  • 5-yard concrete washout — 10’ long x 7’ wide x 24” tall


Unsure what size washout you need for your project? We offer washout rental options designed to fit your needs. Give our team a call: (804) 234-5000.

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